Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Back So Soon?

The most entertaining series of quests has got to be the one in Scholar Basin. When Milk first came across the mobs in Scholar Basin, there was no complicated thinking about what type of mob it was. No, Milk was simply just trying to finish up quests to scrape up the gold. But what's this? These mobs have the nerve to make me their servant? And to send me off on errands to catch chickens and what not?

My kill! You take my kill! You dumb, cow. Now you owe Gekgek! You be Frenzyheart slave. You slay many more beasts for Frenzyheart. You go Frenzyheart Hill to northeast - you tell High-Shaman Rakjak you the new slave. Go, cow! Go or I taunt you a second time!

Milk played along, and then was sent to investigate some odd looking creature.

Okay guy, Rakjak have very important job. You go capture injured
big-tongue that tracker spotted at river to north. Not bring hunter this
time because they maybe want to just kill it. I want to hide it so that I
can poke it and make it tell me things. Go you and bring me big-tongue
prize thing

Big-tongues? What exactly are they?

Amithedruid on Wowhead states:

I swear i told that Moonkin not to hook up with the murloc. But NOOOO. Now we have a Murkin running around looking like yoda and speaking like Bilbo Baggins.

And then BAM, one of those furry little mobs runs off to squeal to their leader that Milk is a traitor! Lolwhat? So anyway, that strange creature insists that Milk follows, and then starts asking favors.

You come too... you can stay with us!
Puppy-men kind of mean anyway.

So apparently the furry creatures are puppy-men! I think it was the first moment that I have ever given thought about what creatures are, when they are not inherent animals that exist in real life. The broken english and the silly words make the whole dialog funny and cute.

So some puppy-men come and smash blue crystals at Great Mist Stone! Lots of rain
and lightning and badness... blue is wrong crystal for Great Mist Stone! Dumb puppy-men.

You're a good dryskin. Mistwhisper safe, treasure safe, and puppy-men sure to leave us alone now.

You go with Moodle! He extra smart Rainspeaker... you listen to him good-like.

Hi! Really glad see you again! I knew we friends. I knew it! You good friend. Not just for us, but for all Oracles. I saw you bonk that puppy-man good! Undead thing said he your friend before? I not know that. You done with puppy-men though, yeah? Just Oracle friend now?I know you choose right! Thank you for saving us! Thank you, thank you!

Tiny little pets

Kittens and phoenix